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While striving to create the best possible content for our gaming portals and filling up the mobile stores with awesome games we also make time for our clients. So feel free to browse our shop, license one of our games or send us your great idea so we can create the perfect game for you.

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About Us

We do not just sit around and play all day ... actually that's all we do! :D

We are young gamers, but after achieving some professional experience in the development field, we needed to take it to the next level, so we've become game developers, thus the party still goes on.

Creating new applications, constantly looking for the best ideas, finding the optimal solution, slowly, but surely became our way of doing business. All of these, combined with some good laughs and a positive attitude, resulted in 9Games Studio.

Long story short, the three things you need to know about us are:

We'll never stop making games.

We'll never run out of ideas.

We'll always amaze you!
Have a question? Simply ask us.

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